If you’d like to buy any Earth Pig artwork or pottery, contact us and we can process your purchase  directly, or alternatively check out the shop on the ground floor of The Green Man Gallery.

Abstract mugs

These are large earthenware mugs with a decoration of coloured slip, glaze pencil and sgraffito. We only have two of these left in stock and they sell at £8.

Small square rimmed plates

Small square earthenware plate with a glossy black glaze and red design.  One left in stock at £6.50.

Trinket box with white crackle glaze

These are earthenware lidded boxes approximately 12cm in diameter decorated with a white crackle glaze. £15

Terracotta earthenware abstract mugs

Abstract art mugs

Terracotta earthenware mugs with a red, grey, and green abstract slip design. We have four in stock, each one with a slightly different shaped body, at £9 each.

Squat bottle SOLD

oil spot bottle

Squat bottle with an oil spot glaze. £30

Mother’s Day Gifts

heart bowls

Heart bowl in red or white with red and blue speckle. Only three of these left now, at £10 each.  A lovely display item in it’s own right, also perfect for keeping jewellery or any small items in, such as crystals, small soaps, pot pourri, sweets etc.

love mugs

‘Love’ mugs in terracotta earthenware with a green and blue glaze. Two available (designs as shown) at £10 each.