The studio is now open after the Coronavirus lockdown and classes and courses are now available and are ongoing. There is no start date for these – just contact us to book or come along and drop in to arrange a time or see what’s available. We’re very flexible! See ‘Courses and Classes’ page for details, or contact us directly for more information or if you have any questions.



SUNDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER: 1.00PM – 4.00PM £20 per person

Artist Geoff Chilton demonstrates some of the techniques he uses to produce mixed media paintings, from simplifying scenes and underpainting to using colour and overlaying media. This workshop is for those who would like to incorporate new techniques into their work, begin working in mixed media, or want some ideas for using colour and texture. (For examples of Geoff’s work see the ‘Gallery’ page on this website).

Due to social distancing measures in place within the gallery the workshop is limited to a maximum of five people. Basic equipment will be provided, but if you are more comfortable using your own paints, brushes, easel etc please feel free to bring them with you. (Working in oils isn’t recommended for this session due to the time it takes for them to dry). Also, please bring a few photographs of scenes you would like to paint; part of the session includes advice on how to simplify scenes and compose your paintings.


SATURDAY 17TH OCTOBER: 11.00AM – 4.00PM £40 per person

A fun and instructive workshop on drawing with expression, led by Geoff Chilton This is a class for artists of all abilities and is intended to tap into your inner creative side. No previous experience is necessary. The workshop explores what drawing actually is, the elements of drawing and the relationships between these elements. It’s time to loosen up, get rid of old ideas about drawing (“drawings are ‘poor’ because they don’t look exactly like ‘something’) and renew your creative spirit. Using a few simple techniques and by tapping into your inner artistic self you can produce rich and satisfying drawings full of personal meaning that will encourage you to go even further.

Due to social distancing measures in place within the gallery, the workshop is limited to a maximum of five people. Drawing materials and equipment will be provided but if you have a favourite brand of pencil or marker for example, please feel free to bring it! There will be a rest break of about 30 minutes midway through the session, Please bring a flask and a something to eat if you like!

The workshop explores:

Basic understanding of drawing. Loosening up, exploring and creating.

Mark-making, line, shape, texture, shape.

Composition, equilibrium, rhythm, emphasis.